What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


is hard.”


Lately it is as if every good thing I try to do backfires.  Not in a fun, “let’s do it again” sort of way.  More like a, “I’m done trying” sort of way.  Maybe you feel the same?  It’s like digging a hole in a sand pit.




No matter how hard you try, someone is always there to make sure you know it’s not going to happen.  As if the thing you are trying to do is impossible.  I can’t imagine what life would be like if every idea you had was met with positive people encouraging you?


It is almost as if people do not want you to succeed because in some way that means they failed?  I hope this scenario is not the case, but either consciously or subconsciously it does make some sense.

I haven’t written in a while, not because I don’t have ideas, or thoughts, but because I have been afraid.  I have been afraid of people mistaking my words.  I have been afraid of people not reading this.  I have been weary of feedback, or opposition, but I also realize not many people read this, and, opposition is a sign of forward progress.

In no way am I saying I am a revolutionary, or visionary, or anything close to any of those ary words, but…

I can’t help thinking how people who move forward, people who challenge, and explore had to feel this same feeling.  When we are dealing with progress and moving forward there will always be an opposition.  Whether it is in your own head (your own self-doubt), or being told to not do or say things from others on the outside, this opposition has to always be there.  If it were not there, everyone would be an innovator/entrepreneur/business creator/author, and lots of lots of “or” positions.


I often forget how doing good will always be met with an equal and dangerous negative force.  I believe it is a law of inertia, but I’m no geologist.  I’ll give you an example.

My best friend and I want to start a podcast.  We have great ideas, but as soon as, well even before we have started we are already being met by opposition.  Either the podcast already exists, it takes money we don’t have to start it, someone saying it won’t work, or our own minds telling us it’s a stupid pipedream.  (Would love encouragement on this if you want to text me)…


I’m going to recant my first sentence.  “Life, is hard”, it’s not true.  Life, is easy.  If you want to live a normal life, have a normal job, pay normal bills, and stay in seemingly safe controlled parameters, life is pretty easy.  But, maybe this is what it should say, “full life, is hard”, “Not giving up, is hard”, “Starting something new, is hard”, “Being creative, is hard”, and maybe I’ll even receive push back from this exact post, but that is what happens if you are moving forward.


Truly I am writing this to myself to encourage myself.  Keep pushing forward.  Keep asking questions.  I love thinking about what I would create if I knew I couldn’t fail.  It gives me the ability to dream, play, and enjoy life a little.


So, I would rather live a hard life, than an easy life.  Jesus says in life we will have struggles, we will have hardship, we will get push back, but, take heart Jesus has overcome the world.

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Just a regular guy trying to understand mystery
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