Do you see what I see?

I take too much in

And don’t keep the good.


What you want to see in this world is what you will see.  I think I have good days with this and I have bad days.  If I want to believe everyone is for me, and loves me, and wants the best for me, I will see that.  If I believe people don’t like me, are against me, think I am a terrible person, that is what I will see.  If you think the world is going up in flames, everyone is getting the things you want, and you are always under water, then, you will see that.  If you only live in a world of daisies and marmalade, you live in a fantasy.


You can call it disposition.  You can call it a mindset, or a point of view, but I like to call it hope.  Hope for great things yet to come.  Hope for new.  Hope for more and abundance.


I have a friend who likes to remind me to unclench. (My fists)


I tend to be polarized and dualistic.  I think we as humans may all fall prey to this as well, but I am learning to not hold tightly to much.  I listen to a podcast that talks about Judaism and they have a concept I love.  It’s how Rabbis walk around with two pieces of paper.  One piece in their right pocket has on it, “The universe was made for you”, and the other, “You come from the dust”.  Both powerful, both incredibly deep and insightful, but the goal is to live in between.


If you live only believe you are dust and garbage, that is all you will see.  YOU will mark your days by all your mistakes.  You will live in the dumb sentences you say, and idiotic comments made for a laugh.  But if you only live believing the universe was made for you, and you alone, you will become an incredulous narcissist.  So, I think it’s both.


How can we have poor words said against us, take them for what they are, and not let it define us?  How can we have amazing success, or an awesome day and celebrate it?


I’ve recently had two occurrences of someone sharing with me my faults in life, and it hurt, it was valid, but I also had to realize it wasn’t the end of the day.  I’m trying to see good in the hard.  I am trying to understand my mistakes are not my identity, and my God is not going to let me be content.  God want’s growth, God wants new and change, and sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable, but the pain will not define me.  It actually might be impossible to define yourself, because we are always changing and growing.


So, I hope we hope. I hope we continue to grow and learn and keep learning about ourselves.  I hope we know what we see isn’t always what is.  I hope we don’t hold tightly to one side, or one way.  I hope we try and see outside of our mindsets or viewpoints, and let in the good with the bad.  Take the hard and the fun and hold them loosely.  We are not our mistakes and we are not our successes.


We are between.


Be bold


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Just a regular guy trying to understand mystery
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2 Responses to Do you see what I see?

  1. Grateful for this post, what’s the podcast name ?

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