Not only is it A number, but one more year to be alive.

here are the top 33 things I have learned being alive so far:

1: Know what you want to order by the time you get to the counter of the place your at

2: Do not block the aisle.  Know where you are in the world and how your stopping in the middle will inevitably screw someones day.

3: Have a firm handshake.  No one likes a human who can’t shake hands.

4: Have great best friends.  You’ll know the type if your willing to get tattoos together, thats the type.

5: Find a hobby: Writing, singing, baking, skiing, golf, hockey, crocheting, making candles, finding poems, larping, …  something, do something that takes your mind off the world.

6: Do not litter

7: Enjoy the little things in life.  A good smell, a sunset, a cool animal, beer, a belly laugh, enjoy it, sit in it, and don’t take them for granted.

8: Speak kindly to yourself.  You deserve to be nice to yourself.  You do.

9: Make your bed.  Accomplish at least one thing in a day, and if all you can do is make your bed, that is enough!

10: Let people know they have shi#t on their face or shirt.  This one is for me, please tell me if I have something on my face or shirt or pants.  I can’t see my face, so please just let me know.  Thanks

11: Give your stuff away.  This is more tough than you know, but give your things away.  When someone asks, or not.  Give your money, your time, your things, do it, it is worth it.

12: Read.  Read all types of books.  Not just the books you already agree with.  Read the opposite take.  Read the book that scares you or you think might shake you up a bit.

13: Be friends with people who are not like you.  Those folks you instantly don’t want to be around, befriend them.  You don’t have to spend a ton of time with them, but at least be cordial and try to enjoy them.  It’s what Jesus did.

14: Take time for yourself.  Learn to “Treat Yo Self”.  I learned this too late in life.  Still to this day, treating myself is the hardest thing in life.  It’s ridden with guilt and shame.

15: Enjoy the journey.  Life is not about the destination, but it is all about the journey.  Plus, you will never arrive.  You wont, its impossible.  We are all constantly growing and learning and moving.  So enjoy the process.  In the process is where truth is.

16: Be an ok driver.  I would say good, but that might be too high a bar for some.  Learn how to turn on a red, go when it’s green, drive fast in the fast lane or get out, and to drive at least the GD Speed limit.

17: Talk to the elderly.  Even if it is just your grandparents.  They have wisdom and are great people.  It will take time, but they are worth the stories they have.

18: Eat ice cream. And cookies

19: Know your facts.  Don’t simply take people at their words.  Ask for sources, or facts from which they speak.  Most people don’t know where they get the info they are using, me included.

20: Hold the door for people.  It’s simple, and means a lot.

21: Be silly.  Don’t grow up for growing ups sake.  Laugh at dumb things, make stupid jokes, wrestle someone who looks like they need to be wrestled.  It will be worth it.  The dumb bench that you walk by with friends, ya that one, do a stupid par core trick on it, trust me.

22: Compliment people.  It will take you farther than you know.  Thanks Dale Carnegie.

23: Learn to listen.  Learn about listening.  Study good listeners, and emulate.  Ask follow up questions.  DO NOT LISTEN JUST TO SAY YOUR POINT.  Listen to actually care about what someone is saying.  Don’t ask questions you don’t care about the answer, but you want to say your opinion.  That’s called being an a$$.

24: Go out of the country.

25: Write thank you cards.  I’m serious.

26: Spoil someone.  It’s the best.  For no reason, just do it.

27: Go play.  Invite someone over with no agenda and simply play.  Try it, its hard.

28: Tell people how you feel.  If you love them or not.  If you are mad at them or not.  Be vulnerable.  It is always worth it.  Even if  you do not know how they will respond.  It isn’t for them, it is for you and your peace of mind.  You will be amazed at how much your inner world will quiet down by simply saying how you feel.

29: Cry.  It’s ok to cry.  I cried two times this year.  It felt good.

30: Get rid of social media.  You will have a greater self worth, more control of your emotions and anxieties.  You will not judge your life and what you do for a living.  You will enjoy a hike without wanting the perfect pic.  You will take pictures with meaning and not simply to post somewhere.  I shouldn’t have to make a case for this one, but do it.  I have the most freedom I’ve had in years, and I only go on facebook on Tuesdays.  That’s it.

31: Engage conflict.  Go and do this, learn about its place in life.  Don’t worry about offending someone, they need you to love them by confronting them.

32: Stop dualism.  Not everything is black and white, yes or no, in or out, up or down, good or bad.  Some things just are.  You can’t place a value or reason on everything, so enjoy it.  Enjoy the journey because everything belongs.

33: (This is what I hope to learn in this new year of  life) I am worthy of love and respect.  I wish I could tell you I have this down, but I don’t.  Brene Brown says the most whole hearted people believe they are worthy of love and respect.  So, I want to be a whole hearted person, so I want to learn how I am worthy.  I think it’s different than love.  I believe Love is an action, and worthiness is a belief.  So, good luck 33, worthy of love and respect is going to be a hard journey.


Hope you can relate to some of these!


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Just a regular guy trying to understand mystery
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