The Future Now


Who are you now?

How do you handle things now?

Who do you believe you are now?


I have heard, and myself believed when I get a new job, when I get a girlfriend, if I moved then…  Then I will be….  It doesn’t make sense.  It never has, but I have believed this, and I still do.


I will be a certain way when I get, when I buy a house…  Somehow, magically I am going to be a better person later on in the future when something happens, or I receive something.  Supernaturally the future Trevor is going to be way happier, extremely more humble, and more compassionate when I get these magic objects.  Be it a physical object, a personal relationship, or a new title, somehow these future prospects are going to make me who I was made to be.


But being older and looking backwards at life I can see reality


Life. Doesn’t. Work. Like. That.


I follow this man who is a Franciscan Friar and he has been helping me find the truth, and find my own personal “now”.  Who I am today, how I handle myself today, will be how I handle myself in the future (more often than not).  I think we forget that when we move, when we start a new relationship, when we get a new object, we follow ourselves. I will still be Trevor when I buy that new outfit.  I will still be Trevor when I get that girl.  If I want to be different, if I want my life to look different, it has to start “now”.


What can I do? What if I want to change?  How can I channel who I want to be, or see the future Trevor later, and start working on that guy now?  What if I want to be more patient, more compassionate, help more, love more, do more, have more friends, be more informed, and be more present?


Be it now.  Today is all we have.  Today is all we will ever have.


This Franciscan Friar says that we spend 94% of our time every day thinking two things.  We are either re-thinking over and over and over the past, how we could have been better, done different, or made a different choice, OR we are thinking and worrying about the future.  That is almost all we spend our minds energy on.  Little to nothing else happens in our brains.  So the work we need to start doing is focus on the present.  Be present now.  Be happy now.  Be content, humble, and compassionate now.  Be the person we want to be in the future, now.


When we wait for a future happiness we negate the present joy.  Waiting for the future, the not yet, the “I will be when”, is the same ideal as the old adage of insanity.  Doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result.


If life is going to be better with a spouse/city/future/career/dwelling, are we dismissing our present now as worthless.  Maybe life will be better, maybe we will be happier.  I’m not saying it won’t, but for the most part we follow ourselves to those places.  And if we don’t focus on being future happy Trevor now, future happy Trevor later probably won’t happen.  I say to myself I will be better at managing my time when I have a family.  I’ll be more prioritized and able to say no when I have a family.  The truth is if I do not start saying no, and being diligent with my time now, I will not be better or good at it when I have a family.  If it doesn’t happen today, more than likely it will not happen in the future.


So I want to be present.  I want to be in the Now.  I want to be different and it’s going to start today.


Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way, but my gut is telling me you think these thoughts too!




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One Response to The Future Now

  1. Toop says:

    Great one gloop! I loved it. You know I’m on board ❤️

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