The Big One

I ran across an article the other day on the “Big One”!  As in…. earthquakes. 

It scared me to think about the “big one” hitting soon. Truth is were due for one. As in California is going to split in half and LA will fall into the ocean. 

The article had tips on how to avoid and how to prepare but it made me wonder. 

Do I really live this way? 

Do I keep waiting for everything to fall apart?

Life is too good right now, something bad is going to happen….?

Do I live in anticipation for all things to crumble and die? 

I remember my first earthquake. I had to be four or five because we were still living in Temecula, but it was terrifying.  The whole house was moving… MOVING.  Truly shifting and moving and shaking.  And then it stops. 

But then, aftershocks.  It all starts again. You begin to think it will never end. Your house is gong to collapse and the world is imploding. I think aftershocks are the worst. 

But I feel like I live waiting for everything to fall apart. I live and believe in scarcity not abundance. 

It’s all I know.  My life experience has made me believe this is how the world works.  But I want to change. I want to be different.  I want to live in abundance. And this is why

There are greater things in store (definition of hope). 

Good things will happen to me. God will provide (it is one of His names). 

Someone receiving  what I want does not mean I won’t get it, I may truly get something better! 

Waiting for life to fall apart, waiting for people to leave or hurt you, waiting for the good time to end is not truly living. It is death. It is scarcity. And it is and doesn’t have to be true. 

I have started meditating on truth. I meditate now on good things. I spend time in gratitude and continue to be hopeful for greater things to come. 

Could it also be that waiting for bad things to happen keeps your eyes open to bad things to happen?  Do we only see what we want to see?  If we always hit red lights will we only ever notice the red lights and ignor the green lights we get at the right time?  

I want to focus on the good that happens in a day. I want to focus on beauty. I want to keep my hope alive and dream about far greater dreams.  Jesus never talked scarcity or safety.  He never said the kingdom of God is limited.  Only a few enter. Only some get a crown.  And in fact he calls it a banquet and invites those who could never repay him or do anything in return.  He is abundantly generous to all.  He is full of delight and hope and never had any time for anything but the present. 

Be present in what you have and who you have!  Life is not going to fall apart.  Plus, the “big one” might hit but it’s ok. Life comes from death and beauty comes from ashes. Take hope, there are greater things in store! 



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