PE with Jordan McDougal

Why you chose the education profession and if you are currently teaching?

My name is Jordan McDougal and I graduated from Sacramento State University last May. My goal since I was young was to become a high school physical education teacher. I played competitive sports throughout my childhood and into my high school career so I always had a passion for sports. My mother has been a middle school PE teacher for over 20 years and my father has been teaching engineering at the high school level for the same amount of time. As a child I would go to work with my parents and I had to much fun watching home interact with their students and when I saw my mom teach sports I thought to myself, I’m going to do that someday. Well, here I am!

I have been subbing in the Elk Grove Unified School District since September and it has been great hands on experience. I have also done a long term subbing position, though it was not in my content area.

How did your personality affect your choice of content area?

After following the Team Technology link and completing the Metarasa personality questionnaire I found out I was the my closest personality (stereo)types are ISFJ and ISFP and my most preferred leadership style is as an ideological leader.

One of my personality types is ISFP and it says that I have some deeply-held values. Living an active lifestyle and taking care of my health has always been something I valued and has been lived out by my parents example. I also have a strong sense of the type of lifestyle I enjoy, which I want to maintain as listed by this personality type. I have grown up involved in sports teams and it has been an important part of character development.

How does or will your personality affect your relationships with your students?

As a personality type ISFJ I am labeled as a serious observer of people, listening intently and getting to know a great deal about them. You pay attention to their emotions and feelings, and are keenly aware of the state of relationships between them and you take your responsibilities to them very seriously. These qualities will help me a great deal with connecting with my students and identifying the needs of each student. My approach will be caring and sensitive and I will be able to teach each students in a way that they learn best, I will know this by how observant I am.

How will your teaching and learning style affect your teaching and your students’ abilities to be successful?

            I am a reflective, intuitive, verbal and global learner. My teaching style ranked high as a personal model and facilitator. These outcomes will have a great affect on how I will teach my students and their ability to be successful. I need to be aware that I will have students who have a different learning style than I do and I need to cater to those areas. By being aware and making changes this will help my students be successful. As a facilitator I will be giving a lot of responsibility to my students as I also thanked high in being a delegator. I will also speak from personal experience in order to convert a concept as one of my teaching styles is a personal model.


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