Dragons and Time Travel


I’m learning how to time travel.

It is not as far off as you think.  Technology has come far and fast.  It comes from a revelation not to long ago, but the idea has been floating around for a while.  I was driving in my Honda Civic with the windows down, my music off, and a smile on my face.

Time travel is possible.

I don’t have many memories of both my parents being together.  Well, lets say I don’t have many memories of my parents being together and happy.  But I do remember one afternoon late in the summer of 91. (I really don’t know the date, it just sounded good).  My Dad, Mom, Sister, and some neighbor friends were all over, and we were swimming. Not just a relaxing swim, get out, get back in, tan, and read a book swim.  My Dad had bought our family a huge inflatable dragon.  It was a realistic dragon.  Purple, green, four legs, and it took up a quarter of the pool.  We spent all day playing king of the dragon, sea world, and sharks and minnows.  My family was smiling, laughing, and playing.





Could we be living in the wrong tense?

Remember when….

Last year….

If we could go back….

I was happier when….


It is dangerous where we live in our minds.  I may be strange for having this thought, but I will say it anyways.

In order to have a better life, in order to experience freedom, in order to love, we need to live in the proper tense.  Jesus lived in a world we may never know, but we can try.  He lived as though the world was already His, blessings were already there, and the Kingdom was “At hand”!  His brain waves lived in a world where mountains were being tossed in the sea, and men walked on water.  When Jesus would look to the past it would be for the future benefit.  The past taught us how to live in the present, not dwell in the “used-to-be”.  He is ahead of us, already doing, healing, loving, moving, breathing, living and he lives the life he has set out for us.  So, we need to start time traveling…..in our minds.  (get it?)


Redeem your mind out of the past, and be excited for the things that are already accomplished but we have yet to see!  All the blessings we desire are out there, waiting, and life is found ahead of us.  It doesn’t mean we stop praying, or asking Jesus for stuff, but it could change how we pray.  Jesus tells us to act as if we have already received the things we pray for and it will happen.  (This is where thankfulness comes in and not health, wealth, and prosperity)  Praying in the right tense!  How would your prayer life change?  How would your outlook change?  How would your relationship with Jesus change if we had a change in tense?  Even His last words on the cross were “It is finished”, and then He died.  Maybe I am crazy, but if crazy gets me to think about Jesus in the here and now, I love it.

I would rather be known as crazy optimistic than a frozen chosen.

Memories are great when they remind us of good, justice, and love.  But, is it wise to focus on the past?  Let’s create more, pray more, and live in the right tense!


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Just a regular guy trying to understand mystery
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