Allowance please!

I’m a cheap date…

Ten bucks bought my happiness growing up.  Ten bucks is a thousand in my wold today.  My parents thought it a good idea to give me an allowance.  This allowance was from mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and getting decent grades.  This allowance made it possible for me to save money, be motivated, and get what I wanted.  In jr. High I saved up for the next big lego adventure.  In high school I saved up for an N64 with games.  I’ll date myself, I’m content with my age! With each desire came motivation to save.


When we are given an allowance, we are free.


I have a problem with motivation, and the problem is the lack of.  Some days it seems nothing can get me to move, or do.  I love the saying, “you won’t”!  It motivates me to not.  In agreeance I am compelled to think about not doing what is proposed.  Money did motivate me, it drove me, and compelled me.  Stages in life motivated me.  I wanted to earn the marks of life.  Graduate High School, graduate College, get a full time job, live on my own….


What’s next?

What happens when you get “There”?!


I never thought I would graduate college when suffocating in class.  I thought being an Area Director would come with perks and positive influence.  I believed living on my own would bring me comfort and peace.  All of which happened, but then what?


I was sitting in a Young Adult group wondering what I was doing there.  I am no longer young, or an adult.  I am friends with the Man who teaches, and I love the people, but it is another night of my life gone.  My friend spoke up and started the shin dig.  He began by saying something that made me think.


“Will you guys pray with me?  You’re allowed to pray what ever you want to pray, but I am going to pray, so be with me tonight”………


I didn’t pray with him.  I was stuck on the idea he planted in my head.  Like any good farmer I have been cultivating, shinning light on, and trying to harvest this idea.  He told me I could pray what ever I wanted as he prayed.  No one had ever said that before.  He gave me permission to pray what might have been on my heart, if I had prayed then.


I think this is Life!


Sometimes all we need is permission.


Something changes when we are given allowance to do as we please.  We are allowed to follow or not follow Jesus.  We are allowed to Sin, or be close to Jesus.  You don’t have to be my friend.  You don’t have to read my blog.  You don’t have to read my blog to be my friend….  You are allowed to not read your bible, but you’re also allowed.  There is never anyone forcing you.  My hope is that the Love of Jesus would constrain you.  Can there be no outside motivation than just Him?  Anything other than freedom by permission is captivity to duty.  We are not held by the grip of shameful devotion, but of a loving friendship.  I believe if you taste the freedom of Jesus nothing can capture or force obedience other than permission not to.   True Love will allow you not to love in return.  And in so doing, makes me understand my motivation.


Why do you pray?

Why do you read your Bible?

Why do you follow Jesus?


No one is forcing you.


May you be held in the grip of a loving friendship constrained by Jesus!


About Troughts

Just a regular guy trying to understand mystery
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